Friday, July 16, 2010

Say Anything S.3 E.2

{First off, sorry for the crappy photo taken from my phone at night. It is just too cute and too telling of little man's super silly side not to post!}

Little man is adjusting well to having a little brother and you can already see his huge amount of love for him! He has already stood in the way/bumped out of the way children that get to close to the baby. He also cried when we had a friend over that picked up doodlebug and started walking away. He screamed, "no!! that is my baby brother!!"

We are dealing with some hitting issues and lack of obedience with the transition, but I have faith that the Lord hears our prayers and is working on both our hearts and in little mans. 

He has started soccer and loves it! We took a break from little gym for the summer and have been using those days to do tons of fun family outings! 

Funny things he has said/done lately:
  • Daddy leaned in to kiss mommy and he yells "THATS MY MOMMY!" and then points to daddy and says "I optomus prime you."  
  • He will stop in random conversation and say "mommy, what you finkin' about?" 
  • He has a wonderful imagination and we spend car rides looking for dragons, pirates and dinosaurs out the windows.
  • If we are outside and he needs to go potty, he will ask, "I go teetee on the ground?" oh the joy of having boys!
  • He started doing this very funny thing where he says a statement and follows it with "mmmmm.... maybe not." 
  • Every construction truck is a robot in disguise.
  • Little man-{When going to the big boy potties with daddy and using a urinal}"What is that??" 
Daddy: "it is a potty cake"
Little Man: "I eat it?"
  • When little man is on the potty going #2, he screams "GET OUT!! IT STINKS IN HERE!!" hehe.
  • When his tummy hurts he wants a Toy Story band aid on it :)
  • We tiptoe through the house hunting monsters, making sure to check every single closet and corner.
  • The other day Daddy was getting the place set up at his new job leaving me with both boys. Little man wanted to go find "giants {Goliath} like the one in my Jesus {the Bible}" and suggested we look at the Library. Why not? So, off we went to the library to look for this giant. We got little man his first library card, 8 new books to read, and sure enough on our way out of the library we found our giant. A 6'5 tall man in a blue shirt! We both shared a smile while little man whispers "see? there he is mommy!"
  • He is obsessed with bugs lately. He loves learning their names and hunches over sidewalks so watch them. 
  • Daddy and I were having an argument the other day and little man screamed "no yellin'!!" and came over to give me a spankin' as he said "no, no, no!"
  • By far my favorite thing he does, is tilt his head to the side, squint his eyes and say and the sweetest, softest voice, "I love you mommy." He tells me I make his heart happy!
I love you little man- to the moon and back!

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