Thursday, July 29, 2010

Vacation #1- Rangers Vs. Athletics

We took a much needed mini vacation to visit my family and poke around my old stomping grounds. There is a ton to do in the Ft. Worth area, so we decided to fill up our weekend with as much fun as possible!

We have a future baseball player and huge fan on our hands with little man, and thought we would satisfy him by taking him to a rangers game. My hubby gets half off tickets since he is a school teacher, so we got GREAT seats for cheap!

My sweet niece and wonderful mother {that claims I don't blog enough about her} came with us. 

Here are the cutest kiddos on earth, ready for the big game!

Walking running to the field

close up of the cuteness

and me, your photographer {and assistant} for the evening
{he LOVES this peanut shell!}

We had great seats, right behind 1st base

The rangers had some of the cutest cheerleaders this game!

{"I hold that baby" she demanded. Love that girl! Note that he is almost as big as she is!!}

Home run fireworks!
{little man got a tad scared, but then wanted more and more of them! I am sure the rangers did too!}

Little man got to meet the mascot, Rangers Captian. He talked about this the rest of the night!

...and in case you are wondering, yes they have a "healthy alternatives" stand and I enjoyed a yummy veggie dog, fresh fruit, and veggie chips! 

Greatest grammy in the world!

Our rangers family photo
Now those are some fans!

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