Saturday, July 3, 2010

Last day of kids gym

We rounded up the whole family to little man's last day of gym. We may return after school starts back up for Daddy, but wanted to take the time this summer to travel and have that freedom with in our schedule. 

To say that little man loves the gym, would be the biggest understatement ever. He thrives there. Loves it. Talks about it non-stop. Thinks we are going there each time we get in the car. He Loves It!!

I have watched him learn skills such as waiting his turn, cheering on his friends, perseverance, over coming fears, and sportsmanship. He anticipated Mondays and Wednesdays so much so that he would wake up on those days talking about the gym. I would be so impressed that he could keep time like that and loved sharing in his joy! 

We will miss you gym!

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