Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Eating Raw: Day Two

Today seemed a tad easier than yesterday. I am hoping that the subtle increase will continue! 

Today for breakfast, I had a yummy smoothie that consisted of cashew butter, strawberries, black tar {which is a raw chocolate syrup substitute made with carob powder} and almond milk. It was pretty good. I just had to keep reminding myself that it wasn't supposed to taste *just* like a chocolate, peanut butter and strawberry shake. Little man tried it and said it was "too weird" and he wanted "another shake." {he said the same thing about my cashew} I think tomorrow when I go to sprouts, I will pick up hazelnut butter or hazelnuts to make my own nut butter with .

For lunch, I had another salad. This time I decided to take a photo. It was pretty and super yummy. I opted for a veggie filled salad instead of the fruity sweet salad I had yesterday. 

Dinner was A.MAZ.ING! I made some "burritos" using lettuce and the most amazing filling of avocados, mint, lime juice, curry, cumin, rosemary, and other spices! It was delish!!

Today, aside from the headaches due to withdraw from sugar and caffeine, I feel great! I have already lost 3lbs {lol} and I am sure that has to do with no sweets/sodas and the fruit/veggies flushing that stored up water weight out. I feel good though! 

To answer the question about price:
I have found that the start up cost was one and a half times the amount we normally spend on food for the week. This is because we had to get a ton of the oils and spices that aren't currently stocked in our house. I will keep it with in our budget of $100 a week for groceries by buying at sprouts and getting what is on sale. So, hopefully we will be saving around $175 a month which is what we allot for eating out/fast food! I will keep you posted! 

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candy said...

Looks yummy

Casey, Alicia, and Ada said...

All of this stuff looks delish! So proud of you!