Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Eating Raw

I have began a new journey. One that I have spent time prayerfully on for the past two weeks. I have begun a vegan raw diet. I know that sounds like a crazy leap, especially if you know me. 

It all began with this book 

As I thumbed through the pages hoping to find some yummy snack alternatives or simple lunches for me, I began to read about this "eating raw vegan" lifestyle and became intrigued. I learned so much in such a short car ride thumbing through this book. It sparked conversation between my husband {who is a BIG meat and potatoes guy} and I over the health benefits and giving it a shot. 
We came home and I threw my self into research. As many of you know, I am nursing our two month old and his health is of top concern to me. I wanted to find out if it was possible, and why/if we should give it a shot.

Some questions I have been asked:

Why vegan?
I decided to make it a big leap. I already cook "healthy" and find that there is SO much wiggle room in that. Too many grey areas. Vegan keeps me from loading things up with cheese {if a little is good, a ton must be better...lol}, soaking things in butter, and eating desserts that are "nutrition robbers." {ie. ice cream, cakes, pies, etc.} Instead, I will be drinking almond milk, making my one "cheese" and allow myself feta for my salads. Taking the meat out isn't enough, nor my goal. I am already fine with out meat and have never been a big "meat eater." The vegan guidelines will give me less wiggle room and help me to become a better steward of the body that God has given me. 

Why raw?
In reading, I have learned that when you "cook" a veggie, you deplete it of most of it's nutrients {vitamins, proteins and enzymes}. They also have such a yummy taste before it is cooked out. Also, eating raw veggies and sprouted seeds helps protect you from acute sickness and maintain a healthier you. I also love that I don't have to heat up my oven, which will save on utilities. I will now be able to pop in and out of Sprouts or Whole Foods with my produce that will cost less and fuel my body!

Is this a lifestyle change or a diet?
Well I hope that in doing this I will learn to appreciate the natural taste of things again. My taste buds were at a place that wouldn't enjoy something unless it was in butter, wrapped in bread or covered in a sauce or cheese. I want to learn to love veggies and fruit again. We have decided to give it 30 days and then re-evaluate. I want to see how I feel in 30 days and where I am with it. I am just so low on energy {and I unfortunately cannot blame it on my bug as he sleep through the night} and feel the weight of what I am eating. 

Is little man and daddy doing it too?
My husband loves meat, as does little man. They will still eat meat for dinner and have dairy. It is more for me than them. They will still eat my fruit filled breakfasts, salads for lunches and veggie dinners, just with their splashes of dairy and meat on it =)

What about your nursing? How will this affect the baby?
First of all, trust me when I say that my milk will be healthier than it ever was before. I look back as to what I have eaten over the past weeks {junk} and am ashamed that I allowed it to be put into my body, much less to feed my baby! I am taking a B12 supplement, and a vitamin rich in omega 3's, calcium, and vitamin D. I know that my caloric intake needs to be 1800-2200 for breastfeeding and that I need 6 servings per day of legumes/nuts/seeds/fortified soy milk8 servings per day of grains, 5 servings per day of vegetables, and 4 servings per day of fruits.  

How will you live in community with your friends?
I am only doing this 95% of the time. I want to have others in our home for meals, as well as eat at our friends homes. I have decided that 2 dinners a week will have dairy/meet/cooked veggies. This will help us remain social and also ease our bodies into this change. 

And now for my journey! I will be documenting my journey, sharing recipes and tips, and hopefully at the end of the 30 days, show you a new healthier me!

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Alexandra said...

that book looks really interesting! I might have to go pick it up? my only question is what does this do to your food budget? How much will you spend weekly on a raw/vegan diet?