Thursday, July 15, 2010

Two Months

Current Weight: 12lbs 10.8oz
Current Height: 23.23in
Current Worth: PRICELESS!

Little doodlebug is growing fast! He is such a good eater and has creases and divots like little man never had! He has such a sweet personality- loves to smile at his mama! He is such a flirt!! He is one of the chattiest babies I have ever met, talking ALL the time. He says "goo!" over and over and smiles as if he knows what a big boy he is. He is has learned to make his bouncer sing by moving his arms and legs to tap the sensors hanging down. He smiles so big when he makes it light up and sing! He will turn his neck all the way around to find me when daddy is burping him- mama's boy =). He loves his mobiles I made that hang over his changing table and crib. When I am changing his diaper, he follows them around and around with his eyes. He is so strong and will be sitting up in no time. 
I have to say, I had such an easy baby in little man. Doodlebug, if you can even believe it, is easier. I am so blessed to have easy babies! Doodlebug is so passive, doesn't cry- just grunts when he needs something, and sleeps so well. We are about to drop his nighttime feeding and hopefully he will be sleeping 10p-6a! Right now he sleeps 12a-7/8ish and it is great! I am so blessed and love this tiny chunky baby so much! 

And just because they are cute...
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