Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Eating Raw: Day three

Today was GREAT! 
{Aside from the fact I threw up last night from a huge migraine that is a direct result from sugar/caffeine withdraw} 

I found some great blogs with exciting raw recipes to try!

For breakfast I had a yummy berry smoothie. I didn't take a photo, but will share the recipe as my WHOLE family LOVED it! 
Mama McClure's Berry smoothie
2C Frozen Strawberries
1C Blueberries
1C Blackberries
1C Simply raspberry lemonade 
Blend all in the blender until creamy and enjoy!

For Lunch I had leftovers! I used the leftover sauce from the past marinara the other night as a tomato basil soup. I just put an olive oil drizzle and yummo! The burrito filling from last night combined with some fresh avocado to tone down the spice made for a yummy guacamole salad that I enjoyed with my veggie chips! Who knew that dehydrated veggies would be so wonderful?

For dinner I hit a home run! Daddy said that this was his favorite so far and little man ate it up! 

Chili from
4 cups tomatoes
1 cup each red and yellow peppers diced
1/2 cup diced onion
1/2 cup celery diced
tbl chili powder
1/2 tbl cumin
salt to taste
1 cups purified water {we used hot water and it made it feel more chili-ish}
Place water tomatoes, spices in blender and blend until smooth add peppers, onion, celery mix and enjoy.

For dessert, can you guess what this is?? It will blow your mind! It isn't dairy, processed, or anything with added sugar. You don't even need an ice cream machine to make this soft-serve. It is something you WANT your kiddos to eat and won't feel even the slightest bit guilty about eating it. 

Can you guess what it is??
Banana Soft Serve! 
And it couldn't be more simple to make. Freeze 2-3 bananas {great use for the ones that are too ripe to eat} in a Tupperware or zip-lock baggie. You will want to take it out of the peel and chop it in to thin slices first. Then throw them into the food processor {i used a blender and it was fine, but i had to use the pulse only and keep scraping} until it is light, fluffy, and smooth. When you are done, it will resemble soft serve and taste better! {not to mention how good it is for you! ; )  }

Made a trip to Sprouts today to get this weeks groceries and spent half of my weekly grocery budget!! That included a family package of chicken for the boys. That just goes to prove you can do vegan on a budget! I just got on to sprouts website and looked at what was on sale and searched for recipes to use those ingredients.

I even picked up some "candy" for me to curb those late night sweet tooth cravings!
Dehydrated fruit puree' that taste like fruit roll-ups! 

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Stam House said...

Around here GREEN smoothies are a hit, and we have it for breakfast all the time! My new favorite is parsley banana berries and dates smoothies, sooo yummy!

May I ask you why going RAW, I do 65 % raw for health reason (gallbladder problem and can't tolerate a lot of fat, sugar, or cooked food and milk!) I do have access to raw goats milk and seams to have to problem with that yet!

Stephanie M said...

i want to try that smoothie AND the banana soft serve. i've got some bananas that are just right for that! i think i'm gonna test it out!!

Casey, Alicia, and Ada said...